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SDS Plus drill bits are thinner and smaller compared to SDS Max bits. These bits have two open grooves and two closed grooves. Locking balls are attached to the grooves. These bits are interchangeable with SDS drill bits and are available in a variety of sizes. As they are thinner, they are ideal for smaller holes. 

For those looking for the best SDS drill bits for masonry, it can be a bit confusing to know the difference between SDS Max and SDS Plus. Both of these drill bits are used for heavy drilling into concrete and both are used in rotary hammers. With that said, there are a few key differences that will determine which is the best option for your project.

ideal for smaller holes

Our range of products includes masonryceramicSDStilewooddiamond coremetal drill bits and more, so we can help you find the right drill piece for your intended project.

If you are looking for a single drill bit or a set of multi-purpose drill bits, we have the solution perfect for you. Choose which material you need to drill from the selection above, or take a look at our drill bit sets.

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